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Date night options with a difference

The Smash Room.

Located on Umm Seqeim Street this date night idea is very unique. We all know that parenting is stressful on the best of days, we also know that we need to release said stress and tension somehow. What better way than smashing things to a pulp in a place that does all the cleaning up for you too?! Hammers and bats and axes oh my! Take your pick and get to work smashing everything from dishes to TV’s The Smash Room also recycle so we love them even more for that.

For more information and to book:

Dining in the Dark at Noire

This interesting concept is based on the theory that depriving one sense heightens others. Plus, let’s face it, it is pretty cool. It really is something you have to see to believe. Scrap that. It is something you have to blindly try!

For more information about dining in the dark at Noire, contact The Fairmont.

Fly like a bird.

Ok, well while not technically flying, you will experience a huge rush. Ziplining can be done in a few places around the UAE. Why not start small at Aventura Parks located in Mushrif Park, it has a series of small ziplines and fun activities to try out together. Team building at it’s best! For the more adventurous, head to the Marina and try out the famous Xline over the water.

For those who really want a rush why not try the world’s longest zipline at Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaima? Make it a full weekend away – you may need time to psych yourself up.. or recover.

On thin ice.

Pop on some skates and head off for a romantic ice skating date night. Queue the perfect movie scene of the couple holding hands and giggling around the ice rink.. End the night with a nice little somewhere close by too!

There are several ice rinks around from Dubai mall to the classic Hyatt or Al Nasr, a quick search of Google will bring them all up.

Get your thrill on.

The UAE has some amazing theme parks, but we always seem to associate them with the children. However, a theme park brings out the little kids in us all, no matter our age so why not head to a theme park for a date? No issues of having to measure anyone, no tantrums that someone isn’t allowed on a certain ride and all that lovely drama. Hit up all the rides YOU want and have a laugh with the one you love while high on adrenaline.

IMG, Motiongate, Dreamworks, Bollywood, Legoland, Warner Bros and Ferrari World all have something for the big kids in us all!

Dinner in a flying saucer?

Ok, maybe not a flying sauce but what about dinner in the sky, hanging off a crane! This is definitely something unique and not for the faint of heart. Enjoy an unforgettable meal together while overlooking the stunning Dubai coastline, suspended at 50 meters in the air. Sound good to you? For more information and to book:

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