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Real Mums UAE

About Real Mums UAE

Real Mums UAE is an online virtual village aimed at supporting mums through their entire journey of motherhood. UAE mums can get instant peer-peer support at the touch of a button.

It all began in April 2016, when it became clear that there was a need for a safe space for mums in the UAE. A place where they could ask questions without judgment, get support and advice from those who could relate and understand what they were going through in a friendly group setting.

A place where the ‘sisterhood of motherhood’ was embodied every day.

The group was based upon the old philosophy “it takes a village to raise a family”, and this continues to shine through every day. The ethos of no judgment, as well as the need for honesty and transparency, meant that this was a place for all the wonderful moments motherhood had to offer, warts and all.

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Real Mums UAE

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Real Mums UAE

"A beautiful group by mums for mums, there in your time of need, there to help, there to give & love unconditionally. There to ease your fears at 3am in the morning, there to help you navigate through the toughest job in the world: motherhood. There to make you laugh till tears roll down your face so your Husband looks at you like you’re a weirdo. There to inspire you, there to answer even the randomest questions, there to support your business as you work hard to take care of your family. There to give you prizes and offers unlike anywhere else, there to make you feel like you’re never alone. There to assure you you’re not crazy when your newborn won’t stop crying and you haven’t slept in a fortnight and start seeing noises. There to make life Long friendships with women just like you..
Ran by warrior women, full of warrior women who are, once were, or are about to me mums to warrior children."

- Lina Best

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Real Mums is an online virtual village aimed at supporting mums through their entire journey of motherhood.

If a judgement free, supportive group that believe in the “sisterhood of motherhood” sounds good to you, come join us on

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