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Fabulous alternate ideas to traditional party bags.

It is the usual story, you take your kid to a party and they come home with a bag of sweets and plastic toys that break within a day. We get it, gift bags are hard to fill, especially here where even little items can be very expensive. With that in mind, here are a few alternatives to the traditional bag full of little goodies, they are easier to source, less time running around various shops and save on the waste! Win! 1) A personalized planting pot. This one is super cute, easy to put together. It is so easy that you don’t even have to leave the house if you shop smart online, plus it is eco friendly. What do you need: – Mini clay plant pots, these are super cheap and the kids can even paint them when they take them home to personalize them. Or, you could have your child paint each one for their friends to make it even more personal, and also to give you some time free to sort the soil! Suggestion: Amazon have these available at around 40 AED for 10 and delivered to your door. – Soil. You can get this in many places but for convenience order online so you don’t need to go looking or carry it. Suggestion: Very reasonably priced on Amazon at 20 AED for 50 Ltrs and delivered to your door. – Little paper treat bags are great for putting the soil portions into. Suggestion: These colourful biodegradable ones are super cute: – Seeds of your choice, easy to grow seeds are the obvious choice here.Think sunflower, marigold, sweetpea etc. Suggestion: You can get these on Amazon for ease for head to Dubai Garden Center or Ace to select your own. – Chalkboard plant label. You can write each child’s name on these or a “thank you” message, when they plant their seeds they can then wipe clean and write the plant name. Reusable and eco friendly! Suggestion: Amazon has lots of these in different shapes. 2) Colouring books! What child doesn’t love a good colouring book? A simple colouring book is plastic free and gets a lot use, you can simply wrap it in a little newspaper to be eco friendly or hand it out as is when guests leave the party. Here are some examples of decent sized books that are available on Sprii, easy on the pocket plus free delivery on any amount spent. (You can also use the “RMD” discount code on them to save more! – Perfect for the little ones, a 64 page Crayola crayon crew colouring book for just 10.50 AED each: – Crayola colour and stick activity pack is a bargain at just 7.35 AED and comes in several cute themes like this sloth and llamas one: – Another 64 page colouring book by Crayola for just 9.45 AED, this also comes in a few different themes such as uni-creatures, squad goals and this cute cosmic cats one: *Don’t forget to use the “RMD” code to get more money off on all Sprii purchases. **As an addition you could even add in some colouring pencils like this beautiful wooden box of 12 coloured pencils for just 6.50AED from Amazon, you can even write each child’s name on the top of the box: 3) Pencil case and goodies! Instead of the traditional flimsy plastic party bag, why not grab some reasonably priced pencil cases that the kids can reuse and fill them with treats? You could put in some sweets, a customized cookie and a funky pencil and rubber. You can get pencil cases from so many places but I recommend checking out shops like Daiso, Mumuso, and even dragon mall (sorry haha!) 4) A pre made eco warrior gift bag! This little set will mean you don’t need to do anything at all, literally. It comes in a jute drawstring bag and contains 1 Seed Paper Notepad + 1 Box Of 4 Seed Pen & 4 Seed Pencil. You could even add some sweet treats into the bag if you want to make it a little more party bag like. It costs 29.40 AED each (use the “RMD” code to get a discount of course), these are perfect for when you only have a few children to buy for, and a really great gift for the older children too.

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