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The BEST hot chocolates and where to get them.

December is here and that means so many things to us all, one that many of us can probably agree on is that it is hot chocolate season! To mark the start of winter we have asked our village for their tried and tested hot chocolate recommendations, and here the top 10 for you to enjoy and indulge in. Enjoy!

Home Bakery – This is a decadent hot chocolate, it contains nutella for a sweet flavour and comes with whipped cream, a chocolate flake and mini marshmallows. The ultimate sweet treat and one that will keep you coming back for more. Definitely one to treat the kids to!

Guylain – An empty cup with just an iconic chocolate seahorse sitting at the bottom, this is how it starts in the Guylain cafe. The staff then pour a steaming hot pot of hot chocolate on top, you just need to stir and enjoy.

Cocoa Room – The burnt marshmallow hot chocolate has been rated highly by Real Mums members. This hot chocolate is piled high on top with burnt mini marshmallows and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Godiva – This unassuming and simple looking hot chocolate packs a punch which keeps it in the favourite list for so many, they also have a salted caramel option and a red velvet hot chocolate for those more daring.

Limetree Cafe – Described as “not too sweet”, this hot chocolate is a local favourite, topped with their homemade fluffy marshmallows makes it perfect. Pair it with one of their famous gingerbread cookies and make your winter complete!

Bateel – A rich hot chocolate that is made from premium cocoa, it is one of the more simple looking of the bunch but it is topped with a chocolate disk for mixing in. Stir and enjoy.

Angelina – This world famous hot chocolate is best described as thick, rich, creamy and satisfying. If you are a lover of the thicker hot chocolates then this one is definitely for you.

Pauls – Described as thick and almost like drinking real chocolate, this one was another Real Mums favourite. A simple, no frills hot chocolate that is sure to leave you warm and fuzzy inside.

The Coffee Club – This hot chocolate will remind you of the one your mum or grandmother used to make. Complete with large marshmallows and a sprinkle of hot chocolate powder on top.

Chocomelt – Slightly different to the others, this hot chocolate comes with mini marshmallows frozen inside cubes of chocolate and a pot of hot chocolate to pour over the top! Insta-worthy and delicious!

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